Antique Construction Equipment

Rare 1939 Caterpillar D5 Dozer (Photo Credit: Jay Trevorrow/Ironmartonline)

The Historical Construction Equipment Association, also referred to as the HCEA, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which was founded in 1986. Currently, it is the only organization in the world that is dedicated solely to preserving and documenting the history of construction, dredging and surface mining equipment industries for the purpose of public education and enjoyment.

The organization hosts an annual International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition every year. Additionally, the organization runs and operates the National Construction Equipment Museum, in Bowling Green, Ohio.

International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition

The HCEA annual sponsored convention features several demonstrations of antique construction equipment. Equipment that has been featured at the convention over the years includes gas, diesel and horse drawn construction machinery, antique trucks, hit and miss engines and many others from the collection at the National Construction Equipment Museum.

1943 Caterpillar D4 Dozer (Photo Credit: Jay Trevorrow/Ironmartonline)

International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition Attractions

Antique construction equipment enthusiasts from all over the world attend the annual convention every year to take in the displayed equipment and to attend the conventions many attractions. Some of the most popular attractions at the museum include the consignment auction, the historical displays and the memorabilia vendors. Additionally, an annual membership banquet is held for new and current HCEA members.

The National Construction Equipment Museum

The HCEA created the National Construction Equipment Museum in 1992. The organization purchased the land because they wanted a place to showcase the equipment it possessed including a variety of extensive archives dedicated to antique construction equipment including sales literature, repair manuals, business records, photographs and much more for well over 2,000 manufacturers. There are over 50 pieces of equipment featured in the museum, and some pieces of equipment date back as far as the 1800s.

The museum features an indoor exhibit hall and a restoration shop. The restoration shop is staffed by volunteers who work hard to restore antique construction equipment to its original condition.

As the organization prides itself on preserving the history of the construction equipment that shaped the world, the museum is open to the public Monday through Friday. While reservations aren’t necessary to visit the museum, it is advisable to call before visiting 1-419-352-5616, to make sure someone will be available to lead you on a tour.

1964 Caterpillar 955H Track Loader (Photo Credit: Jay Trevorrow/Ironmartonline)

Digital Museum Archives

The physical archive collection is stored in a 2,200 square foot, museum owned building. However, you do not have to visit the museum to access the archives. In addition to being available at the museum, digital archives are also available online. The HCEA believes archives are necessary because many pieces of outdated construction equipment is usually scrapped for parts or abandoned. In addition, the literature, photographs and equipment records are usually discarded, and never made available to the general public.

Why the HCEA Archives are Important

The HCEA antique construction equipment archives include over 500 manufacturers and are recognized by the Associated Equipment Manufacturers as the official archive for the construction equipment industry. The HCEA records are unique from other historical societies and private collector archives because they are not dedicated to one sole brand and aren’t limited to just what is in someone’s personal collection. Instead, the HCEA archives encompass a variety of manufacturers and many different types of equipment, which provides a great service to manufacturers, users, collectors, historians and the general public.

Collections Included in the Archives

The museum archives include many major collections including:

  • Marion Power Shovel Company
  • Fiat-Allis
  • Austin-Western
  • Cleveland Trencher Company
  • Volvo Construction Products
  • Allis-Chambers
  • Euclid Terex
  • Galion Iron Works
  • Clark Equipment Company

Restoration-Ready 1937 Caterpillar No. 10 Auto Patrol (Photo Credit: Jay Trevorrow/Ironmartonline)

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